Yesterday was a wonderful day overall….why??

1) I decided to spend the day cleaning. In the morning, Will wanted to help. Here’s some of our conversation…
M: Why don’t you clean your room?
W: I hate cleaning my room.
M: If you clean your room you can wash your windows then.
W: Okay!

W: I want to clean some more.
M: I don’t know what you should clean.
W: Can I clean the toilets?
M: SURE!! (Yippee! I got out of cleaning toilets and he did a great job!)

2) A new movie came in the mail from Blockbuster and the boys spent two fight-free hours watching it (even Weston!) Weslea went downstairs and played with her barbies for two hours at the same time. Two hours without fighting….PRICELESS.

3) I actually made a home-cooked meal for dinner……and all the kids actually ate it!

4) I got the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and Will’s room completely cleaned. The basement is almost finished… Of course, none of those areas look all that great today — if my kids are anywhere for more than 15 minutes, then it’s a mess.

5) The two younger boys took a great nap. While they were napping, Will and Weslea wanted to “work on something.” (Thanks to my friend Wendy, they now want to take things apart and then put them back together — she let them do it at her house.) So, they spent over two hours taking apart an old tricycle that I almost put out with the garbage that morning. Thank goodness I didn’t — they had a great time and I had more peace and quiet!

6) Mom called and dad was given two THIRD-ROW tickets to the Indians game on Sunday. Right behind home plate! Dad can’t go so she offered them to us and offered to babysit the kids! Bill and I are going on a date for the first time since our vacation!