Sleeping Beauties

Before getting in bed the other night, I decided to check on the kids one last time. I went into Weslea’s room and found her sleeping like this:
A cute picture no matter what, but you know the real reason I took the picture?? Because the girl is afraid of the dark! She has been sleeping with the lights on in her room every night since she she was able to get out of her bed to turn them back on after we left the room.

So, here she is…sleeping with her lights on…with her eye mask on……is this making any sense at all? Too funny!

After I took a picture of her, I decided to make the rounds to take “sleeping pictures” of all the kiddos. Here’s Weston sleeping with his “soft” toys (why anyone would want to sleep with pointy, hard books is beyond me!) He got mad when the flash went off and tried to cover his eyes:

And Wyatt sleeping with the fireflies he caught that night (they are, of course, dead by the time I get up there to take the picture):

And finally, there’s Will. Zonked out without a care in the world…

All of my sleeping beauties…. 🙂