Safety Town Graduation

Weslea has been going to Safety Town this week — not very happily most days (she didn’t want to leave her mommy), but she did much better by the end of the week. Thank you Lord for small miracles! The cost to attend Safety Town is just $5.00 and it includes a free t-shirt and helmet along with all of the fun things they did each day: riding play tractors around a pretend town that was set up in the parking lot (learning stop signs, etc.); watching the medi-vac helicopter fly in and then getting to take a tour; walking through a firetruck and getting to spray the hose; and much, much more.

On Friday, I attended her Safety Town Graduation ceremony (thanks to Aunt Drew who saved me by watching the two boys!) Caryn was able to come along as well which Weslea thought was “like completely awesome!”

At the ceremony, each child got to walk across the stage to receive their new bike helmet, shake hands with the deputy and get a bag full of goodies, and then they got a graduation certificate from the superintendent:

Best Buds!

Goofing off for the camera:Finally, mom got a kind-of good picture!

Then we were off to the cafeteria for cookies and juice. It was a fun time for all of us!