My "Beautiful" Face

I just tried out the cool website that Jon had on his blog — This is the photo the I uploaded onto their site (mind you, I was five months pregnant when this photo was taken…please remember that!)

Here are the beautiful faces that came back (supposedly I look like them) — I LOVE that website!! 🙂

Alexis Bledel

Annette Bening

Beyonce Knowles

Emma WatsonJulianne Moore
Scarlett Johansson

Now, I’ll be honest here….there were other faces that came up as well but I am NOT posting them. Here’s who they were though: 2 women – Nadia Comanici and Michelle Rodriguez; and 2 men (??) – Leonardo DiCaprio (yuck!) and Jon Seda (double yuck!!)

Thanks for sharing the site Jon…now everyone else needs to go try it out!