I have been trying to upload a photo to Blogger for three days now…it is so frustrating when Blogger is being stupid!

Weslea and Will were my helpers at my Thursday night New Catalog Kick-Off and then Weslea came back with me again on Friday for my second session (Will wanted to but couldn’t because of his softball game.) They actually were very, very good for me and I really enjoyed having them as my helpers. Thursday night, Papa Jerry surprised them by asking them to go out to dinner with him. After dinner, they stopped by a car show that they had passed on their way to the restaurant. My kids are still talking about how awesome those cars were!

When I was cleaning up on Friday night, Weslea was exhausted and fell asleep on mom and dad’s couch. Dad went over to look at her and said “now is when we need a camera…” Lucky for him, I had mine with me! There is nothing that warms a mom’s heart more than when she sees one of her beautiful children sleeping….without a care in the world. No matter how ornery they are during the day, they are so calm and peaceful when they are sleeping.

I have so much to be thankful for…