Cruise Pictures

Danielle got on me the other day for not posting pictures from our cruise so I went digging on the computer to find where they were. We don’t have very many of us because I was taking so many pictures of all the card samples that were on the ship for demonstrators to look at….oops! Next cruise I’ll be taking a million memory cards with me so I won’t have that problem again.

Here’s a picture of one of our towel animals that we had on our bed most nights when we came back for dinner (this night was Formal Night.) In the background is the awesome bag that I got as a gift that night for being a cruise achiever. Each night Stampin’ Up would give us another gift ~ that was awesome!

I believe this is in Mazatlan (I’ll have to ask Bill for sure because he’d remember.) We loved this backdrop with the beautiful white rocks sticking up out of the ocean. At least we loved it until the guide explained that the rocks were such a beautiful white because of all the droppings the birds left on them (!)

Here are the Mazatlan Cliff Divers. Our guide told us that one of the cliff divers had died the month before when he didn’t judge his jump correctly…

And here is our guide (Ben) that took us around Mazatlan. He was so funny and interesting to listen to. We had a great time viewing the city with him.

Now, if I ever learn how to use the scanner Drew gave me, I’ll post some of the professional pictures we bought on the ship.