Baseball Banquet

We spent Saturday afternoon/evening at the annual Baseball Banquet. The kids weren’t too thrilled (and neither were we!) sitting through a 45 minute business meeting and then 18 teams being handed out their trophies.

The best part was that Bill volunteered to go up with Weslea’s coach to hand out the trophies for him so he could call out the kid’s names. Somehow two of our kid’s trophies got mixed into another team’s batch and Bill got to stand up in front of the entire crowd (on the stage) while everything got really, really quiet. I loved hearing my neighbor, Michelle, yell “you’re doing a great job Bill!” and I got to yell “you go Bill!” He really loved that! The crowd got a great view of his cute little tushy for a loooooooooong time. 🙂 Somehow I missed taking a picture of that.

The kids were thrilled with their trophy though! After the long wait, we got to eat a really nice spaghetti dinner that had been prepared for everyone.