"Two Little Monkeys"

When Wyatt got home from preschool today, we jumped in the van with every intention of running to Wadsworth as quick as we could to find teacher gifts (I didn’t remember until today that Wyatt’s last day of school is tomorrow already) before Weslea got home from preschool.

We made a quick stop at McDonald’s to get chicken nuggets and I already knew by that time that Weston was not going to make it through the store — can you say CRABBY?!

So, we headed back home making stops at the bank and post office and then decided to make a quick trip to the playground. Amazingly, Weston’s mood completely changed once he saw the playground and I didn’t hear one more crabby noise out of him again until I said, “It’s time to go home boys…”

My two “little monkeys”:

Can you believe this cute little face spends much of its time in crabby-land?? How can that be?