Trip To The Doctor

Weslea and Weston had their annual well-child check-up today at 9:15 a.m. What was I even thinking scheduling it that early??

Weslea knew she would be getting her Kindergarten shots today and (believe it or not!) she was very excited about this…that is, until the first shot actually went in her leg and then she was not liking shots at all. She was very chatty with Dr. Julie though and enjoyed being in the spotlight very much.

Wyatt was an incredibly good boy at the doctor’s office patiently waiting for her to be done with Weslea and Weston. He spent most of his time crouched in the corner reading stories. He did make sure he came over to Dr. Julie one time so she would know he was there (he tapped on her shoulder to get her attention and then held up four fingers and told her he was four!)Weston was his usual crabby self for most of the visit. He kept his gown on for a total of one minute I think and then pitched a royal fit. Needless to say, he was naked for the rest of the visit! The only way I could get him to sit on the table was by letting him bring the dinosaur book up with him. He sat there and growled dinosaur sounds the entire time inbetween the shy/crabby looks he would shoot at Dr. Julie.
This was the part Weston HATED. He did not want his ears looked into even when she told him she was looking for a dinosaur. Hearing that there were dinosaurs in Weston’s ears woke Wyatt up though and he began asking the doctor over and over if there were any in there. He thought that was hilarious and was very happy when I checked his ears and told him that there was a T-Rex in his!
After Dr. Julie left, the kids got dressed and we waited for the nurse to come to give Weslea her shots. We discovered at that time that if you turned the lights off in the ocean room, the fish hanging from the ceiling had glow-in-the-dark eyes. The kids insisted that I should keep turning the lights off and everytime I did, they would howl and squeal with laughter. It was absolutely hysterical and I found out when the nurse came in that the whole office could hear us….oops! The nurse told us that the doctors were laughing and happy that at least the kids were having fun. 🙂 (I took this picture in the dark with my flash on while they were laughing.)