The Ball Maniac

This post should probably be on Janine’s blog, but here goes…

My nephew, Craig, is only two years old and is the biggest ball maniac I have ever seen. The child is constantly carrying a baseball, football, soccer ball…basically ANY kind of ball he can find around wherever he goes.

Weslea’s T-ball team played Kent’s tonight (I’ll be posting pictures of her game next) and I just had to take a picture of Craig. Halfway through the game, he became glued to the fence when he realized there was a BALL on the T at home plate. He kept sticking his hand through the fence and yelling “ball, ball, ball” over and over to the Lafayette coach. It was so stinking funny! When I took this picture, he was “telling” us all about the ball and I think he was just a little peeved that no one was giving it to him.

Janine will have to blog about all the other funny ball stories that she has about Craig…I just wanted to share this picture I took tonight of the little cutie pie.