Terrible Twos

“Terrible Twos” doesn’t even come close to describing Weston right now. He’s such a sweet, loving, independent, fun boy (although Bill might not agree with me on that right now!) but at the same time he can drive us absolutely crazy with his crabbiness/crying/whining which seems to go on all day long. I am really praying and hoping that this will soon pass and that he’ll be more happy with life soon.

He was so bad today that I put him in bed at 11:30 for his nap (he usually goes down around 2:00.) It was very quiet up there and he actually fooled me into thinking he was asleep. About an hour later, I heard a couple little “thump, thumps” that gave him away though. When I went up to check on him, he was very quietly playing with his trains. It’s so amazing to me how kids can be so loud, crazy, whiny and crying all day long ~ they won’t be quiet for anything. Then, when they are supposed to be in bed and instead are doing something ornery, they can be as quiet as a church mouse.

Weston looked up at me when I came in the room and said “trains” and then “poopies.” He had every train he could find out of their box and his room was definitely stinky. What a day!

The only good thing is that Janine and Andrea both assure me that Craig and Nathan are in the terrible twos right now as well. No one quite compares to Weston on the crabby scale, but at least we’re all in this together.

Oops ~ caught in the act! He’s lucky he’s so cute…

Back in bed…