Take Me Out To The Ballgame…

By this point in summer, I should be writing “Please don’t make me go to one more ballgame!!”

We have five baseball games to go to just in this week alone. As you can imagine, we are all getting a little bit sick of them. Because we have so many to go to, Bill and I have been taking turns going to them and then the other one stays home with the other kids so that they don’t have to be at the baseball field every night. Tonight was my turn to go…

We had a lot of fun — Weslea’s team played Kent’s team so it was cute to see them both out on the field. Weslea had a small injury in the middle of the game. She was running fast to first base and her body got ahead of her feet and she ended up face-planting into the dirt. She was very upset…not hurt too bad, but a lot of dirt in her eyes. She was fine by the next inning though and finished the game with her team.

So, here are some pictures of our Baseball Girl in action:

Waiting in line to bat

Getting ready to run from first base

Running into home plate…I don’t know if you can see it in this picture or not, but look where Weslea’s tongue is ~ I have no idea where she got that bad habit from! 🙂

Playing outfield position towards the beginning of the game

Playing outfield position towards the end of the game

Can you believe how blonde her hair is getting? All of the kids have spent so much time outdoors that they are tan as can be and Weslea and Weston are blondies now. They are all making me look like an albino!