Cleaning Day

Today was just a normal, typical day at the Arthur household. We had a huge thunderstorm last night…and we made it through most of the night without any of the kids waking up scared. Will finally woke up in the early morning and he crawled into bed with us for the rest of the night but the others slept right through it.

We spent the day cleaning, washing and folding clothes and more clothes, putting all of those clothes away (that job takes forever!), doing “homework”, and then watching another incredible storm roll through. (Oh, and of course, the kids spent a lot of time fighting, whining and complaining as well.) Janine called and told me to get to the basement as spinning clouds had been seen in Homerville so the kids and I spent the next hour in the basement hoping everything was okay.

Bill got home from work and they all had a wrestling match after dinner. I have no idea why they all think that’s so fun, but it gives me a good hour to myself so I love it! After that Bill and the “boys” (what we always call Wyatt and Weston together) sat down to read stories and Will and Weslea decided that they wanted to do chores (!) It cracks me up that they actually enjoy doing laundry, cleaning windows and vacuuming but if I ask them to clean up their rooms you’d think I was killing them.

All in all, a nice day to be a family together…