Our house is a disaster zone right now. A whole week of focusing on a stampin’ event has not been good for our home at all…and now that the event is over, I have thousands of things that I brought back from the church (where it was held) and they all need to be taken downstairs (urgh!)

While I was trying to clean up the dining room today, the kids noticed the chairs and decided they needed to play choo-choo train. They spent quite a bit of time who-whoing away and chugging down the track. Whoever was in the front was the “boss” — you’ll notice in the picture who thought that they should be the “boss” most often! (Will was in the bathtub or else I’m sure there would of been more fights about who was boss.)

Wyatt wanted to see this picture after I took it…he went down the line naming everyone…”Wessie…..Crabby…..Wyatt….” (He actually called Weston that all on his own — that should give you an idea of how my day with Weston is going.)