Weslea's Day At School

Weslea has been going through a stage lately where she CLINGS to me whenever I try to leave the house for anything — doesn’t matter if I’m going grocery shopping, to a workshop, to church, whatever… She clings to me and cries that she doesn’t want me to go. It was okay at first…I figured that she was just going through a stage. Now it is getting annoying.

So, I drop her off at preschool today and she starts crying again. I feel really bad for her but at the same time…COME ON ALREADY! She’s been going to preschool there since February and has always been fine until just lately….and she is always fine once I leave. Her teacher says she doesn’t cry at all and always has fun during class and recess.

Weslea came home today and handed me a note from her teacher. It read:

“I wanted to tell you what Weslea said this morning after you left. I got to talking to her about what was wrong and why she was getting upset when you left her here the last couple of times.

She said she just wanted you to be by her all day. Not in the classroom, but sitting outside waiting for her. Then she said, ‘And I just want to send Weston to New Jersey!’ I asked her if somebody was going to New Jersey soon and she said, ‘No, but I can just give Weston a map and send him walking down the road. He’ll find New Jersey eventually!’

I thought that was hilarious….but you might want to hide any maps you have in the house!”

Jeff, Danielle and Jon ~ you better be on the look out in a couple of weeks because Weston might be showing up at your door with a map in his hand!