The Rest Of The Story…

For my “Reading Time” post Andrea commented:

“I can’t believe Weston is sitting there for the whole story. When I read Nathan a book, it lasts for maybe 30 seconds (if I’m lucky) before he walks away. The only way I can get him to stay around is if I have him find things on the page. I can’t really just read it. I’m jealous!”

Well, here’s the rest of the story….

This is the first picture I took of the bunch ~ it was taken right before I yelled “Would you all just hush up and listen to Will read so I can take a good picture of you?!”

In this picture, notice Weston trying to lick up his snack from the countertop while Will is reading. I “cleverly” cropped that part out in the original picture I posted…

Unfortunately I have no pictures of Will yelling at the kids to stop asking him questions while he was reading, or of me telling everyone to “BE QUIET!!”, or of Weston trying to spill his drink on Will’s book, etc. Not quite the idyllic, restful Reading Time that you might have expected from my original pictures, but….it works for us! 🙂