A Bunch Of Turkeys

Janine and I spent yesterday helping Andrea get ready for “Yet-To-Be-Named-Baby’s” arrival (sorry Andrea — I couldn’t resist typing that one more time!) Andrea was a trooper to say the least. Janine and I wanted her to spend the day resting on the couch yelling directions to us — we told her that we were her slaves for the day! Instead, she spent the entire day cleaning, sorting clothes, crouching on the floor going through things, climbing up on chairs to do dusting, etc. I have no idea how you did it Andrea — when I was nine months pregnant I probably would of killed myself if I had tried to do that! I hope that you aren’t hurting horribly today and I hope that Mark did keep his promise and let you sleep in until 1:00 p.m.!!

Anyway, while going through a basket of things that needed to be put away, I found the cutest pictures of the kids that Andrea had taken during our Thanksgiving Dinner at the Oaks. The pictures were fantastic and I asked Andrea to email them to me. Now you all get a chance to check out our little turkeys!

P.S. Look at Weslea’s super-long hair at Thanksgiving — sniff, sniff…(the “sniff, sniff” is mommy wiping away the tears as I still try to get over the infamous Haircut Day.) 🙂