"True dat, double true"

So, I’m getting ready to pull out of my parking space at the grocery store today and Weslea says “We’re getting ready to zoom on out of here………true dat, double true!” Alright then. Where in the heck did that come from? Then I remembered that I had told her about Jon’s post a long time ago and somehow that stinker remembered that phrase and decided to blurt it out today for no reason at all. It was so funny!
We went to the park in Spencer today after Will got home from school. It took us about 45 minutes to bike the path around the park. By the way, what a joy that was with Wyatt on his Big Wheels bike! I ended up putting WYATT in the stroller, hooked his bike on the back of the stoller and then had WESTON walk the rest of the path. Does it make sense that a 2-year old was less whiney and a better walker than a 4-year old?! Can you tell that Mommy was just a LITTLE bit stressed at the park??
Afterwards, we had about 15 minutes left to play on the playground until we had to get home for soccer practice. Will, Weslea and Wyatt were on the merry-go-round when an older boy (who was a little overweight) decided to jump on as well. Wyatt ran over to him and started yelling “Look, it’s a big boy!” and “Hi Big Boy! How are you?” Luckily he was saying it in his special Wyatt-ese language so the boy had no idea what he was saying. All he knew was that some kid was pointing at him (and trying to touch him) while the kid was also yelling some crazy nonsense!
It was a beautiful day here in Ohio. It is so awesome when the weather is like this and we can do more fun things outside. I hope you all had a great day as well!