Sweety/Sweatie Pie Vote

Have you all noticed the MORONIC posts from “Sweety Pie” and “Sweatie Pie” on our blogs? I am absolutely convinced that my dear, wonderful, STINK POT of a husband is leaving them to drive me crazy. He is now officially being called “Sweety Pie” at all times around our house…

He claims that he is innocent…sooooooo, let’s take a vote…

Who do you think “Sweety Pie” and “Sweatie Pie” are? Who in our family do you think has a sense of humor as bad as them?? I know that there are several candidates from our family that fit the bad humor category (ie. Dad, Jon, Bill,….)


P.S. “Sweety Pie” and “Sweatie Pie” aren’t allowed to vote!

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