Welcome to theArthurClan.

I am actually writing this introduction several years after I first started blogging…but I thought it might be a good way to introduce my family and myself to any new friends who might stop by…

Welcome to my online scrapbook where I write and post pictures about anything and everything that could possibly be going on with our crazy, happy, usually wonderful, always ornery family of six.

By Ohio standards, My family and I pretty much live in the boonies. It’s only taken eight years of being back close to where I grew up in Ohio, but I’m finally starting to get used to living close to absolutely nothing. (Unless you count corn fields, cow pies and Amish as the highpoints of society…umm yeah, I didn’t think so.)

Other info about me:

*I was married when I was 20 (good gravy…I was just a baby!) to the hubs, Bill, who is better known on this blog by the horrible bloggy name he chose for himself…Sweatiepy. I know ~ it’s an awful name, but what can a woman do? He keeps things fun and exciting around here with his sarcastic, witty humor.

*I spent the first couple years of our marriage trying to finish my college degree in Elementary Education. After I graduated I spent a grand total of two years teaching before we decided to start our family. I am now a full-time SAHM.

*We have four beautiful children that we somehow ended up naming with names that all started with a “W.” Completely insane and ridiculous, I know…but that’s what we did. Our “4 W’s” are Will, Weslea, Wyatt and Weston. If we someday have a surprise #5 baby…I have no idea what “W” name we will come up with then. There aren’t very many left.

*Bill and I were transferred for his job twice (first to Evansville, IN and then to Louisville, KY) where we met many dear friends that we are still in contact with and we treasure our friendships with them very much. When our daughter was two weeks old, we were transferred back to Ohio to the home office of the company he works for. It has been wonderful to be back close to where both of our families live.

*When we moved back, Bill’s dreams came true when we purchased a home that had over 11 acres of land with it. The home…needed a lot of work (it still does.) The land…needed a lot of work (it still does.) He had always wanted to live somewhere with property though, so he was one happy camper when we found our current home. I was not thrilled at all with having a fixer-upper to live in although my mind has changed somewhat the longer we have lived here. We really couldn’t have picked a better spot to raise kids…very rural and isolated and extremely safe for children to roam free and just have fun being kids. The work we still need to do on the house…I’m still not thrilled with that part of it but I’ve learned to live with it. 🙂

*Bill and I were both raised in Christian homes and were saved at an early age and have tried to live our lives in a manner that is pleasing to Him (although we are human and many times fail a lot in that endeavor.) I am so blessed to have married a man who believes the same way that I do and that wants to raise our children in the way that we both feel is honoring to our Lord. Our faith is a very important part of our lives.

*I’m fairly certain anyone who has read my blog has a good idea of what interests me in life. Photography is my #1 hobby right now and I enjoy practicing on my kids every day. (They might get tired of it, but I never do!) I also love to play the piano at the church and almost daily just for myself. I’m a Stampin’ Up demonstrator…I’ve run the whole gambit with that. Everything from being a full-time demo doing 20 workshops a month and earning the free Stampin’ Up cruises….to what I am doing now (just several stamp classes a year and purchasing supplies to make projects of my own.) Rubber Stamping is something that spoke to my creative soul and I really enjoy having this hobby as part of my life.

*In the fall of 2008, I had become involved in several photography sharing websites (like SkyWatch and Camera Critters.) One night I went to bed thinking about how what I really wished was that there was a website that focused on sharing the photography of faces (since that’s my favorite kind of photography.) I dreamt about the idea the entire night and in the morning I immediately sent my friend, Amy, an email asking her what she thought about my idea. She loved it and we went to work on building a website that we ended up calling I Faces. The very rudimentary idea might have been dreamt up by me…but it was Amy that helped to take the idea to a whole new level. We have truly enjoyed working on this endeavor together.

I started blogging as a way to stay in contact with my family who had moved to other states. My blog has grown to include the many friends that I have made in the various cities we have lived in, friends that I have reconnected with after many years have passed, and even friends that I have never met but have enjoyed getting to know through the internet. I hope you all enjoy my not-so-witty writings and learning more about our family as the years go by. I know I love having you join me here. The comments my friends and family leave are what makes this so much fun for me!

Thanks for stopping by…