Day of panic…

We had a huge scare on Tuesday. We did not unpack our travel bags immediately from our trip and forgot that there were some motion sickness pills in one of the bags. I walked into the bathroom and there was Weston with an open bottle of pills… heart sank immediately and my brain went into a complete panic. The little stinker somehow got the child-proof cap and the foil wrapper off all on his own and six pills were missing. After a long visit to the ER he ended up being fine (and I ended up finding every single one of the %*@#! missing pills later in the day)….I just thank God over and over that he is okay.

Here is a picture of Weston in the bathtub trying to get rid of the leftover remnants of his horrible charcoal treatment still on his face (he literally had to drink half a glass of liqued charcoal.) To say that he hated the treatment would be the understatement of the year…while I laid on the hospital bed pinning him down on my chest, the nurse used a syringe to force the liqued down his throat. I’m pretty sure the entire hospital heard him screaming.

I’m also including a picture of his identification anklet from the hospital — he spent almost the entire visit trying to take it off!