Crazy Morning

I had my Stampin’ Up group meeting last night and I told my friend Allyson that I had finally started a blog. She had sent me a link to her blog quite awhile ago and mine in no way compares — she is a beautiful writer, deep thinker, awesome photographer and everything else good you can think of! (Be sure to check out her blog at — she loves comments from anyone and everyone!)

So, she emailed me the link again this morning and I got so engrossed in reading her blog that WILL MISSED HIS BUS!

Let me tell you…I am religious about getting the boys on the bus at the right time. Weston and Weslea usually aren’t dressed yet and there is no way that I want to have to get them all dressed just to drive someone to school!

So, I grabbed Weston out of bed, told Weslea to put her coat over her pajamas and we all ran to the car and took off like crazy people. We finally caught up to the bus on the next road over and the wonderful bus driver pulled over and let Will get on right then! She is sooooooo great. Will was a little embarrassed but I was thrilled.

Well, I am now officially awake, heart pumping like crazy, ready to start my day….