"bebe shee"

Wyatt, Weston and I went to the store today to buy decorations for their upcoming dinosaur party. On the way there I kept hearing something like this from the back seat (Wyatt’s seat): “Ah-mi kee I av bebe shee?”


And much more insistent as time went by.

Finally, through a long Q&A time, I figured out he was saying: “Mommy, can I have a baby sheep?” I replied, “No, Wyatt, we can’t get a baby sheep.”

Wyatt: “Yes.”
Me: “No.”
Wyatt: “Yes, i wa bebe shee.” (I want a baby sheep)
Me: “No.”
Wyatt: “Yes. En a how.” (In the house)
Me: “No, we can’t have a baby sheep in the house.”
Wyatt: “Yes ee ca!” (Yes we can)
Me: “No, sheep are stinky and smelly. They’ll make our house yucky.”
Wyatt: “No ey not. I wa bebe shee en a how.”

And, on and one it went! We’re home and he’s still trying to convince me that we need a baby sheep in the house. “Ey coo!” (They’re cute!) he keeps telling me. Just another cute day in the life of Wyatt’s speech disorder. I’m not sure where he comes up with these ideas! I just had to take a picture of him when we got home (he was still talking about the baby sheep even then!)