Driving to School in my PJ’s

I never, and I mean never, let my kids miss the bus in the morning.  Their morning ride to school is only 15 minutes long and there is no way I want to drive them to the school when I most probably will still have bed head hair and my PJ’s still on.

Until this morning when the kids informed me that “today is crazy hair day at school mom!!!”

The boys all have short hair so we were able to goo their hair up and get some good faux-mohawks going on fairly quickly.

I then began on Weslea’s hairdo.  I knew that we only had a short time until the bus arrived, but surely that would be enough time.  Right??


Forty-five minutes later we ran out the door, me with my bed head hair and PJ’s still on of course, and raced towards the school to make it there in time.


That didn’t stop me from taking the time to snap a quick shot with my camera though.  😉

The lighting was horrible, but I’m thinking it was a slight miracle that the shot was even in focus.  Quite the crazy hairdo, eh?

P.S.  By PJ’s I mean flannel jammy bottoms, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.  I’m hawt like that.  LOL!