My Story in Photos: Dessert Recipe

This has probably been the most difficult i heart faces theme for me yet because…

1) I sincerely do not like to cook or bake…at all.


2) We have been out of town visiting my brother and I haven’t had time to even think about baking something special for this entry.

So, I’ve decided to enter an oldie but goodie.  This photo is “famous” (at least in my own mind) because it was featured in the very first blog post Ree Drummond wrote for Tasty Kitchen.  Considering the fact that I hate, hate, hate to cook…that was pretty dang cool to me!
I spent an entire evening making these for the school Christmas parties last year…and then school was cancelled because of the snow. 

My kids sure enjoyed eating them for the next couple of days though!

Recipe (which you can also see here on Tasty Kitchen):
– Boxes of Candy Canes
– Marshmallows
– Melting Chocolate (also known as Candy Wafers or Bark Chocolate here in Ohio)

You might need to have more bags/boxes of the ingredients available depending on the number of people you are making this treat for.

1. Use a skewer (that has been sprayed with Pam Spray) to poke holes into 2-3 marshmallows.
2. Slide the marshmallows onto the candy cane.
3. Dip the marshmallow part of your treat into the bark chocolate that is melted.
4. Allow the chocolate to harden and then use a spoon to drizzle other colors of chocolate over your treat.
Angie’s Hint: Buy extra candy canes because you will probably break a few when you are trying to take the blasted plastic wrap off of them.

During the making of these treats I also learned that I should spend plenty of time talking to my children about candy canes while I was working. During our conversation I learned that my then-8-year-old child had spent her entire life thinking they were “Candy Kings” instead of candy canes. (?!)

Looking forward to seeing your yummy treats this week!