The “Experience”

Most holidays, my sister and I put ourselves through the “experience.”

The “experience” of getting a shot of all of the cousins together.

Sounds like a wonderful idea.  Until you actually try to get 10 kiddos to all smile and pose at the same time.

That experience just ain’t gonna be a fun one.

We usually get a couple of cousins who are completely disinterested in even trying to make Aunt Angie and Aunt Drew’s cameras happy:

And then there are those cousins who are overly-laughing in a hysterical fashion at all of the weird faces Uncle Mark is making behind Aunt Angie’s back…because Uncle Mark is so dang funny you know!!

There will be an older cousin who is trying to keep a hold of the baby cousin before she takes off for only God knows where:

And an older cousin who is trying to move into a new position that her aunt told her to move to…but then the aunt snaps the photo before she even has two free seconds to get into the new position:

Throw in another older cousin who has steadfastly held the same pose for the last 10 minutes, but just happens to look at Aunt Drew’s camera when his mom is really the one who needs him to look at her:

And finally!  There is one cousin who actually is looking at the camera without looking cheesy or posed.  One!

But whoops!  We can’t forget about this ornery cousin…what can even be said about him?

Oh my.  I’m not even sure where to go with that one.

Combine them all together to get…one big messy slew of cousins.  And blurry cousins.


Why, the whole experience is just a photographer’s dream come true!!

At least these two photographers can thank the good Lord above that the “experience” is now over and done with.

At least until the next big holiday…