Miss Jenna

I spent yesterday morning hanging out with my sister, Drew, and two of her husband’s relatives…his Aunt Lori and his cousin, Jenna. I was the official photographer for Jenna’s senior photos! 🙂

60 - oceanbreeze

This is the same Jenna that was the flower girl in my sister’s wedding 10 years ago. She’s changed quite a bit since I last saw her at the wedding. 🙂

69 - lazy summer days

I don’t know how I fall into doing these Senior Photo shoots with these absolutely flawless, beautiful young ladies like Jenna…


But I am not complaining one bit! Girls like her make my soon-to-be-job such a complete pleasure.

29 - pearlnecklace

Here are some of the other shots I’ve edited so far from this shoot:



32 - Sparta - Vignette146 - Fairy Floss

27 - seventies


55 - oceanbreeze




And, as a sneak preview to tomorrow’s post….Jenna is a ballerina!

324 - vignette

Oh my word…if you were her mom, wouldn’t you just flip over seeing your beautiful daughter in a photo like that?!

It was such an amazing shoot!