My Creative Mojo.

On Sunday it hit me that I had not picked up my camera to take a photo in over a week. In over a week!

That is just a bit slightly unusual for me.

It seemed that I had lost my creative mojo.

So, yesterday I decided to take my camera to the lake with me. My sisters and I all get family memberships at a local lake each year and pretty much spend our entire summer there. We watch the kids swim around like little fish, we observe them bugging the lifeguards (whom they adore!) incessantly and we listen to their unending pleas for snacks (because we are starrrrrrving mom!!)

And while I was at the lake, this little cutie (my niece, Jordyn) hung out with me and my sisters for most of the afternoon.


And suddenly my creative mojo came flying back!


She is adorable…


And chunky…


And (as my Grandma June would say)…I could just squeeze her ‘til she screams!


She is pretty much adored by all. And “all” would mainly be her little boy cousins who drive her crazy with their smothering love.


All it took was a little chunky cutie-pie in a polka-dot bathing suit…


To get my creative mojo back.


Thank you baby girl!