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It was the fall of 2008 when I kicked my photography up a notch by going on “Photography Drives” with friends of mine who lived in the area. Since I was taking so many new photos of nature, animals, buildings and other things that I usually would never take photos of…I began joining in on some of the photography me-me’s you can find around the web. Amazing sites like SkyWatch, That’s My World, Camera Critters and many others.

While I enjoyed those sites immensely, I remember wishing that I could find one that focused on faces…the thing I love to take photos of more than anything else in this world. I couldn’t find anything that seemed to fit my needs so I just continued participating in the others that focused on the sky, animals, buildings and places around the world.

Then, one night last fall I went to bed and spent a restless night in which I ended up dreaming about making my own blog me-me that would focus only on faces.

When I woke up the next morning, I immediately emailed my good friend, Amy Locurto, to tell her about my idea and to ask her what she thought of it. I considered her to be my “internet guru” (and I still consider her to be that!) so I figured that if she thought the idea was terrible, then it probably was.

Instead, she wrote me back right away that “she loved the idea and would I mind if the two of us started working on a website based around photography and faces.”

Now, let me tell you…Amy is a wonderful friend, an incredible Christian mother, an amazing graphic design artist and a successful business woman. If she thought the idea had merit, I was willing to run with whatever we could come up with.

She was the one that had the vision and design background to come up with a catchy name and brand for our new idea….i heart faces. When we think back to that original little dream and our first email conversation about that dream…and then look at what i heart faces has turned into today, it makes us giggle a bit. What an extraordinary journey it has been! Leading us to meet so many new photography friends and to get to know so many amazing professional photographers that we had admired for quite some time before heart faces was born.

We have found that heart faces continues to grow and evolve over time, especially as we realize what our limitations and our strengths are.

If you would like to get involved with a fun community of photographers who love to photograph faces and capture the emotions that they express, be sure to join us over there. All levels of photographers are welcome to join in the fun!

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