A Few Good Helpers.

I get asked a lot “How in the world do you do it with FOUR kids?!” Which is kind of funny to me because it’s just our life. It’s normal for us. And most of our family and friends have at least three kids and really, four kids is only one more than that. Not that big of a difference, right?

It’s nice to now be able to say to my friends with younger children “Just wait a few years until yours get a little bit older. Life will get so much easier.” And thankfully, it really does.

Yesterday was an example of that for me. I spent almost the entire day at my sister, Drew’s, house babysitting her kiddos while she went to a doctor’s appointment and then just hanging out with her for the rest of the day. We had important things like “Design Angie’s New Blog” on the agenda, you know!

I need to use the term “babysitting” very loosely here though. Because I barely did any babysitting at all. A few other little people pushed me out of the way and took over that job completely…


And (believe you me!), I didn’t complain even one bit.


Will loves helping out with little Ben. And Weslea absolutely adores Baby Jordyn.

Whether she needs to act fascinated about Jordyn’s “gift” of mulch for her…


Or is trying to politely decline while Jordyn attempts to force-feed the mulch to her…


Or is occupied with comforting Jordyn after she gets an “owie”…


Weslea is willing to spend her entire day hanging out with a certain little baby girl. It makes her as happy as a clam!


And that made this mama as happy as a clam too!