Weston’s Not-So-Loving Song

Well, the good news is…I’ve lost three pounds in one day.

The bad news is…I’m sure I’ll gain it back once my body decides to behave normally again.

I just woke up and wanted to record a cute little story about Weston before I pass out again.

Almost daily, my hubby will say to Weston “You’re just a little Mama’s Boy, aren’t you?” and Weston’s proud response is always “Yes my am! My wuv my mommy!” not realizing that his daddy is making fun of him a bit.

While I was sleeping yesterday afternoon, I felt poor neglected little Weston climb into bed with me where he proceeded to put his arms around me and have a pretty much one-sided conversation with himself…

Weston: Mommy’s not feeling good.
Me: Ugh…

W: My hope mommy feels better soon.
M: Me too baby…

W: My watching cartoons!
M: That’s good. You’re being such a good boy for mommy Weston.

W: If you dies…who will my new mommy be?
M: {silence}

W: If you dies…who will my new mommy be?
M: Well, if mommy dies someday you’d still have Aunt Janine, Aunt Drew, Aunt Danielle and Grandma Karen and they would all take good care of you.

{Thinking: Oh my word kiddo! Stop saying the word “die” in connection with my name!}

W: They’d be my new mommies?
M: Well, they’d help take care of you just like mommy does and they would love you very much. Just like they already love you.

W: Wonder if daddy dies?
M: Then you’d have Uncle Pat, Uncle Mark, Grandpa Jerry, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Jon to help take care of you.

W: Oh, alright. {Pause} I need a new toy.
M: O-kay?

And the conversation continued on from there while I quietly went back to sleep. I woke up again when I realized that he was singing me a song he had “written” that I have lovingly titled…“When Mommy Dies.”

“When mommy dies, I’ll still have Grandma Karen. And when daddy dies, I’ll get to play with Uncle Joooooo-oooooon. And Uncle Jon will bring his Wii over and all his new games and we’ll get to play them for-eeeeeeeev-eerrrrrrrrrr!”

“Isn’t my song pretty mommy?”

It was about that same time that my tummy couldn’t stand his bouncing on my bed any longer and I asked him to please stop bouncing on the bed.

Which is when he huffed-and-puffed in righteous indignation, slipped out of bed and stomped away singing “When mommy dies, I’ll still have Grandma Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-rrrrrren. And she will be nice to me and not be mean to me and she won’t make me cryyyyyyyyyyyy-yiyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

So much for being a Mama’s Boy. The kid already has his new mom (and his new dad for that matter) picked out for himself. Sheesh!