My Wyatt.

Wyatt celebrated his 7th birthday last week and then also celebrated losing his second tooth this week.

I’m actually not sure which event was more exciting for him. (That Tooth Fairy is pretty darn cool you know!)

Celebrating a birthday in this household means that one thing is going to happen for sure that day to commemorate the event…an incredibly fun, absolutely invigorating, over-the-top exciting photo shoot.


Wyatt was not digging the photo shoot tradition at all.

A photo shoot with this little booger means an extended session in which Wyatt does everything but smile for the camera. And “everything but smile for the camera” usually involves his mouth being wide open. I have absolutely no idea why he thinks that’s so funny.


Lucky for me, the kid is a cutie even when he’s being ornery. And, since this orneriness is the true Wyatt, I guess that’s the one I should have been taking photos of anyway.


But along with the orneriness we are lucky to also get the most loving sweetheart in the world as well.

He’s the boy that came home from his “Birthday Sleepover with Grandma Karen and Papa Jerry” and proceeded to let his whiny little brother go to bed with his brand-new birthday toy (yes, my kids sleep with their toys.)


And he’s also the boy who one time used part of his birthday money to buy a gift for every single one of his siblings.

Cheesy smiles are completely worth it when you get the sweetness of his amazing heart right along with the orneriness.


You want to know the real reason why I’m thrilled with this guy though?

Without any bribing or posing at all….he provided me with the perfect “pouting” photo for next week’s I Faces photo challenge!


I just knew one of the kids would come through for me this week! 🙂

Dear Mr. Wyatt…I love every bit of you. Your tender heart, your loving spirit, your spunk and vigor, and even your orneriness. You are the perfect package all wrapped up as a cute little boy. You make our lives fun, interesting and full of life. I love you for all of that…and for just being you. Happy birthday to my dear little 7-year-old buddy-boy.