Of Sickness and Fix-Its.

Over at I Faces , we have this fun feature that we try to have every Friday now called “Fix-It Friday.”

We have a whole board of fantastic photographer contributors that take a photo we send them each week and then show step-by-step how they would fix it. This is so completely generous of them that I almost can’t even believe that they do it. Here we have photographers that we deeply admire, showing us free of charge what their basic editing workflow is like! It’s been an amazing wealth of information to me. Now I just need to find the time to sit down and slowly go through each of their tutorials because I am learning that there is so much I don’t know about Photoshop.

Since all of the contributors are helping us out of the kindness of their hearts, we allow them to use whatever photo editing program they own…and for most of them that program is Photoshop CS2 or higher. We did add my sister, Andrea, as a contributor this week because of her mad Photoshop Elements skills though. Her photo fix-it amazed me!

And so, here it is “Fix-It Friday” Day, and I’m sitting here in a fuzzy daze for two reasons:
1) I had to write the Fix-It Friday post last night (which is actually more like 10 different posts that I write and then link in to the one main post)
2) I got to sit up most of the night with a puking Weston. Blech! And, on top of that, he’s not a sweet, cuddly, sleep-his-sickness-away type of sick boy…oh no! He’s the complain vocally, very loud, puking sick boy that is majorly ticked off that he had the misfortune to be sick. Made for a very. long. night.

I woke up this morning after 3 1/2 hours of sleep, got the older kids off to school and had to make a big decision…should I take a nap or should I Photoshop?

And Photoshopping won out. Like usual.

Here’s my Fix-It Friday using my basic editing workflow (oh my word, look at this little cutie-pie!):


Program Used: Photoshop CS3

Step-by-Step Instructions:

(You can find links to all of the actions and programs I used here.)
1) Run Noiseware
2) Use clone tool to get rid of facial scratches and blemish on arm
3) Run Pioneer Woman’s free Boost action – tone down to around 60%
4) Run Pioneer Woman’s free Fresh & Colorful action – tone the soft light layer down to around 10%; tone the Light Layer down to about 23%
5) Run Pioneer Woman’s free Bring On The Eyes! action – tone down so that his eyes don’t look cyborgish or fake
6) Go into Image –>> Adjustments –>> Hue/Saturation. Specify Reds and then Yellows to tone down those colors in the photo
7) Run Pioneer Woman’s Slight Sharpen action to make the image crisp and sharp

That’s it! That usually takes me about one to two minutes or so to edit my photo and it’s the look that I seem to like the most right now.

After that I got to have fun with it!


Top left: Pioneer Woman’s Seventies
Top right: Pioneer Woman’s B&W Beauty
Bottom left: Pioneer Woman’s Sepia Beauty
Bottom right: My basic workflow minus the hue saturation fix
Middle: Pioneer Woman’s Soft & Faded

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