"It's All In The Details"

One of the best parts of I Faces for me has been being able to “meet” (through email) and get to know some of the photographers and Photoshop experts that I have so admired for the past year. I never even thought of that possibility when we first started coming up with our idea for the website, but oh my goodness! What fun and an inspiration that has been to me in my photography journey.

Jodi from MCP Actions, this week’s judge at I Faces, has been one of those wonderful people that I have had the privilege of getting to know a bit better. When she sent us an email last week and asked us if we’d be willing to try out her new Photoshop action set (called “It’s All In The Details”) and then feature it on our blogs, it took me about 1/500th of a second to say “YES!!”

I have been a huge fan of Jodi’s work ever since my friend, Kate, introduced me to her website last summer during those long soccer games that we sat through and discussed photography for hours on end.

This set contains over 30 actions designed to enhance all of your little details. It works best on images of people within an environment, architecture, landscapes, and on any photo that has metal, rock, wood, sand or vehicles. Since the new action set focuses on details in your photos, I decided to use this fun photo of Chelsey because I loved the old iron steps she was standing on and she just looks so darn cute.

Here is the difference between my SOOC (“straight out of camera”) shot and the enhanced photo that I ran two of Jodi’s actions on. It just seems to make the photo pop with color and look more true-to-life than what the SOOC shot looked like.


And here is the difference between Jodi’s action called Color and her other action called Extreme Color. For this photo, I liked Extreme Color better.

Here is a fun look that I think Chelsey would probably like a lot called Muted. I love how a bit of the original color still shows through even though the rest of the photo looks a bit vintage.

And here is her new B&W conversion called Newsprint. I think it’s very dramatic.

But look at the second shot…how cool is that?! I would purchase this action set for that Tunnel Vision action alone. She has two Tunnel Vision actions in this set (I used Radial on this photo.) I’ll tell you what…I can’t wait until this summer’s soccer games now! I should be able to get some cool action shots that this technique will look perfect on.

If you are a fan of Photoshop and love to play around with the look of your photo, be sure to check out Jodi’s website for even more fantastic samples. Her samples will make your jaw drop open and your mouth say a big old “wowza!” She’s amazing!