The response Amy and I have received to I Faces has been completely, overwhelmingly, and amazingly wonderful.

When the idea of I Faces was first dreamt up…I really thought “this could be something fun and fantastic!” But I wasn’t sure if anyone else would think so.

And then our first day rolled around and it got off to such an amazing, rockin’ start. I truly have all of you, my dear blogging friends and family, to thank for that.

I spent this morning going through the 270+ entries for our I Faces giveaway…checking the links to make sure they worked, following through to make sure that each participant actually did what they said they were going to, writing all the names down on little torn-up pieces of paper…and was so extremely thankful for the wonderful people (many whom I don’t even know!) who helped us spread the word.

And then it was time to pick the winners of our giveaway…and I chickened out about having to pick the winner and ended up making Weston do it instead…

He has had a lot of practice at “picking” things.

Picking his nose…picking his seatneed I go on?

And besides, that dimpled darling has a much cuter face for the job than I do!

You can see the lucky winners on our I Faces website now.

And I promise that things around theArthurClan will get back to normal now. I have interesting stories like “Snowglobe Snowrock” to share and keep you fascinated for years to come. I know that there isn’t a person in the world who would want to miss that! How would your life ever go on without learning about Snowglobe Snowrocks?

Nevermind…please don’t answer that! 🙂

If you are here to see my entry into the I Faces contest, you’ll want to head on over to my photo blog…theArthurClan Photos.