And…He's Baaaa-aaaack!

It seems fair that I should warn all of my family and friends that it appears as though my dear hubby (a.k.a Sweatiepy) has decided to re-enter the world of “blogging comments.”

Sweatiepy does not have his own blog…so he usually likes to live vicariously through all of our blogs leaving random little tid-bits of sarcastic information and humor. He usually ends up cracking us all up when he decides to do so, but the problem would be that a lot of people who stop by here have no idea who this “Sweatiepy” is and they most probably think it is a complete internet nut-job if they go based on what he writes to us.

Just on my blog alone this week he wrote these *beautiful* sentiments:

1) “As said many times before. The Amish do not want their pictures taken!”On my SkyWatch post (Amish on a Cold Winter Night)


2) “I thought this was a picture of Jeff listening to his sister’s conversations.” – On the post of my poor brother who wasn’t feeling well (Dinner….Interrupted)

A few days ago I went over to visit the blog that Andrea (my younger sister) has and read her post about going to the doctor for some medical problems she’s been having. I was actually getting a bit teary-eyed while reading her post and feeling very, very sorry for her. Until I got to the comments and saw that Sweatiepy had written an extremely *heartfelt* note that simply said…“too long to read.”

Which made me suspicious so I quickly popped over to my other sister’s blog to see if Sweatiepy had decided to make his rounds. Ummm….yep! On her really cute post about the three boy cousins who are in preschool together he creatively wrote “too long.” Again.

Next stop? My brother and sister-in-law’s blog which they have aptly named “The Most Boring Blog Ever” (due to their lack of updates.) On their last post, Danielle had kindly written a little plug about my new website for me. Sweatiepy’s loving comment to that was “this continues to be the most boring blog ever.”

Since my youngest brother NEVER updates his blog, he escaped the rampage unscathed. Or, so I thought.

Until I received an email from my soon-to-be new sister-in-law, Kathy, that she had written to my brother and cc to me as well. In it she wrote:

I posted this on my blog a couple days ago (so my friends who read it would know)…

We have a wedding date…

September 18th, 2009

Wedding Ceremony ~ Vineyard Church of Columbus

Reception ~ Franklin Park Conservatory

Look what your brother-in-law put as a comment…

(Anonymous) wrote:

sorry i am busy that day. sweatiepy

To which, I replied…


Sweatiepy has been one busy sarcastic little booger lately. I think he’s gotten to everybody in the family now. Does your family think he is completely nuts?!


P.S. You are going to have to claim him as YOUR brother-in-law in just a few short months. You poor thing…

And all I can add to that is…”Welcome to the family Kathy! You lucky girl!!”