"The Arthur Clan" Guessing Game.

My knowledge of the Cleveland Cavs basketball program is fairly limited.

I am, of course, aware of LeBron James..but seriously…who isn’t aware of him? AWESOME.

I was actually watching the news one night last year and saw an interview of one of the Cavs youngest players, Daniel Gibson. After listening to the respectful way he talked about his mama, I became a huge fan of him.

And lastly, I know that there is a guy with big hair on the team as well. And by big hair, I mean really BIG hair.

That’s about the extent of my knowledge of the current Cavs team.

Sweatiepy went to the Cavs game last night with his team from work. Due to that, I now know that the “big hair” player on the team is Anderson Varejao. And how do I know that??

Well, that would be because we are now the proud owner of an Anderson Varejao wig…Oh yes we are! Because last night at the Cavs game the theme was “Wiggy Weekend.”


And, let me tell you right now…that wig has provided hours of fun for our family already!

Would you like to gander a guess at who is who in “The Arthur Clan”?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

We are one mighty fine looking “Wiggy Weekend” family if I do say so myself!

By the way…you know the frizzy, uncontrollable hair that I have dealt with since childhood? I now know what my kids would have looked like if they hadn’t inherited their father’s straight hair.

Although…they look a lot cuter than what I remember myself looking like in old pictures.

P.S. Sweatiepy was being a big baby and wouldn’t participate. {cluck-cluck} That’s the sound of my chicken noise for him.