Let's Hear It For The Boys!

After gushing over seeing Weslea shine in her photos yesterday, I got on Photoshop last night to continue working on my Christmas card photos…and was then again distracted. This time by my beautiful boys.

And yes, I just called my boys beautiful. I would never say that to their faces…when I’m talking to them I’d instead say how handsome they are. But in my momma’s eye, they are all so beautiful to me.

There’s our oldest son, Will, who has heard more compliments about his eyelashes since the day he was born than any boy should ever get to hear:

And our third child, Wyatt…our resident child of sunshine, joy and exuberance:

And finally…there’s my little monkey boy, Mr. Weston:

How many more years of little boy chubby cheeks do I have left? It makes me sad just to think that the time is quickly coming when I’ll no longer be able to kiss those chubby cheeks as he grows up and begins to thin out…

And you know all those complaints I’ve made in the past about the trials of photographing brown eyes?

I take it all back! I LOVE brown eyes now…this new lens has made them a breeze to work with.

Just for fun, here’s the one group photo of the whole clan that I was able to edit last night. Someone mentioned in the comments yesterday that my kids must sure love Wii to sit so well for their photo shoot…

The funny thing is…they weren’t so much excited about playing Wii as they were about staying up late. I usually put my kids to bed really early because they get so crabby in the mornings without a lot of sleep. Staying up until 9:00 p.m. on a school night was their idea of Nirvana bliss. Like I said yesterday, my kids are so easy! (hee)