Interesting Anniversary Lunch.

Since we have officially reached “old fart” status, my hubby took a vacation day off from work yesterday and we celebrated our anniversary by going out for lunch together. We wouldn’t want to be out past 9:00 p.m. or something crazy like that you know!

Actually, it was more of an “it’s easier to get a babysitter during the day than during the evening” decision for us.

We ate at a new-to-us restaurant that was wonderful. We ended up loving almost everything about this place…the ambiance and atmosphere and the quality of the food were top-notch.

What was a bit unusual for our anniversary date this year was that it quickly became obvious that our server was very interested in my husband. Not in a “I hope I get a big tip from this couple” kind of way, but definitely in a “I think you’re hot” kind of way. You ladies out there…you know what I’m talking about. Right? How sometimes you just know that that is what’s happening.

Bill picked up on the vibes right away as well.


And here’s the kicker, our server was….a man.

Yep. Bill definitely picked up on that right away. Our lunch date was just a tad bit uncomfortable for my completely heterosexual, happily married husband.

I, on the other hand, got a big kick out of it. Like tears rolling down my face, hysterically funny kick out of it. It was one of our most fun dates ever!

In my very humble opinion, of course.