The Beginning of Wish Lists…

Sweatiepy and I sat through three school conferences last Thursday night while our brother-in-law, Pat, watched our four kids and his three kids the entire night…all by himself.

I’d say he wins the “Dad of the Night” award for that one!

We received encouraging news from all of our kid’s teachers that they are all right on target in their studies, are socializing well and are behaving for their teachers.

We were astonished (in a good way) when we received this news from Wyatt’s teacher. After all the issues he had to work so hard to overcome during his preschool years, we were expecting to hear that he at least needed improvement in his behavior. Instead we were thrilled to learn that our decision to have him go through an extra year of preschool was exactly what he needed. He’s doing fantastic in school…even to the point that they are pulling him aside to do advanced work with him because they didn’t want him to get bored from doing work that he already knows how to do.

Phew! I guess we can say that we at least have made one right decision in our parenting.

This child seriously cracks me up at least once a day…and last week was no exception. Every day when he gets home from school, the first thing I do is to go through his backpack. When I pulled out all his school papers, I noticed that they had filled out their “Christmas Wish List” during one of their free choice times and then the teacher had written alongside their writings so that the parents would know what the child wanted for Christmas.

I quickly picked up on a little theme in Wyatt’s wishes:


I have a sneaky suspicion that Wyatt might want some spy related gifts for his Christmas gifts this year? Not sure why I feel that way, but I’m thinking maybe that’s what he wants??

After I read through his list I asked him…”Hey Wyatt, why didn’t you write down that you wanted a Spy Goldfish for Christmas?”

A disgruntled Wyatt responded “Because my teacher said no more spy stuff!”