Miscellaneous Nonsense.

We enjoyed our first major “real” snow here in Ohio last night. I don’t know if there is a word to quite describe how the kids reacted to our white fluff this morning, but I’d say that ecstatic might come close.

* * * * *
In somewhat related news, I’m fairly certain that I shot one of my most favorite photos of Weslea ever a couple days ago…

I posted this photo on “My Year In Photos” blog, but loved it so much that I wanted to share it here as well.

* * * * *
And now the chicken inside of me is posting this little ditty at the very bottom of this post because I’m hoping my husband has already gotten bored with seeing the one millionth picture of his children and has drifted away from my blog already.

Amy at Living Locurto has asked her readers to share one more bit of information about their hubby. This time we were asked to share something that our husband refuses to get rid of even though we hate it…no matter how we beg and plead, it is an item he will NOT get rid of.

Here is my first “Hated Item”:

His major award statues that he received at his first real job out of college.

I honestly have no idea why he received these awards because…
a) he wasn’t and never has been a detective and
b) I didn’t want to ask him again last night about why he received these awards because then he will remember them and want them to be shown off somewhere in our home.

I hate them though…I really do. When we first got married, he wanted them put on display somewhere in our home. Yeah, I don’t think so. Since then he has absolutely refused to get rid of them so they have sat in a special box in our basement for fifteen years moving from home to home everytime we were transferred for his job. I think they were in shock when I removed them from the box for their photo shoot this morning. I finally see the light! they shouted as they squinted away.

My second most hated item of my husband’s is this beauty:

His Mr. Rogers vest.

Do I really need to say anymore about this one? It’s a vest. And it’s yellow. And my husband is still in his 30’s. This is something that I wouldn’t want him to wear when he is 80, let alone when he is still young. But alas, it was another major award from the company he works for now and I am not allowed to get rid of it.

I have become very good at hiding it though.

In all fairness, there are millions of things of mine around this house that my husband could tell you how much he hates (mainly my huge mess of craft stuff scattered all across the basement right now.) I don’t think his hate for my crafty crap even comes close to my hate for his statues and vest though. Not even close.