Seeing Stars.

Weston greeted me with an unusual question this morning…”Mama? Did you know there are stars in the white stuff?”

And (thanks to my previous life of teaching Kindergarten and preschool) I knew exactly what he was talking about!

After getting out all the necessary ingredients for finding stars, he then informed me (very indignantly I might add) that “there are only stars in red apples!”

So I bet him a million dollars that there were stars in green apples as well.

When will the kiddos learn that I am always right?

“You owe me a million buckaroonies Weston!” said the greedy mom. (Hey, we have remodeling projects to finish up around here.)

“My do not!” He replied laughing.

I began uploading photos to my computer during which time he disappeared for a few minutes (there was a suspicious rustling going on near my kitchen junk drawer though.)

“Here you go mom. My found your money.”

“But my am keeping it!”

So much for finishing up those remodeling projects.