Just Too Stinkin' Cute

It was a busy, crazy weekend here in the Arthur household…eight children and three adults stuck in one medium-sized house tends to make things that way.

We spent most of Saturday at the lake though (what a surprise there, huh?) enjoying the beautiful weather and spending a wonderfully relaxing day swimming, making sandcastles, eating hot dogs and burying each other in sand…

We had an extra special surprise this weekend when Uncle Jon and his girlfriend, Kathy, stopped by at the lake to visit with us before they attended a wedding that evening.
The kids always have great fun hanging out with (or hanging onto) Uncle Jon.

I endured several new wrestling bouts with my baby brother. He seems to think that he can take me down whenever he wants to…just because he is way taller than me and just a tad bit stronger than me. I’m an avid UFC fan though and I’ve got to say that I have learned some new wrestling moves since our last bout. I have also decided that when you are the smaller (and slightly older) participant, fighting dirty is only fair. You can ask Jon to show you the bite mark on his arm if you don’t believe me. Yep…I fight dirty and I’m proud of it.

I was also informed by my baby brother that if he reads the words “stinkin’ cute” on my blog one more time, he is going to lose his mind…or throw up….or rip his head off…or something like that. I wasn’t really paying attention to his ranting and raving and overdramatization so I can’t really remember exactly what he said.

The problem is, of course, that I am surrounded by stinkin’ cute kids that do stinkin’ cute things and I think that it’s stinkin’ cute to blog about those stinkin’ cute things that those stinkin’ kids do and then I end up using the words “stinkin’ cute” a lot.

And, quite frankly, Jon is 25 years young so I think that he should just deal with the stinkin’ cuteness like any mature adult young man should.
Besides, he and the kids are just too stinkin’ cute. Aren’t they?!
Stinkin’ cute little stinkers that they are. Stinkin’. Cuties.
Yeah…so I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop saying it Jon-boy. I tried but it just ain’t gonna work. So, so sorry about that.
Or not.