The Father’s Day get-together at my parent’s home provided the perfect opportunity to have a photo shoot with Baby Jordyn.

Are you getting a feel for how much better my photography is getting? I don’t “take pictures” anymore…I have photo shoots. I am sure that is one huge step up in the photography world…or it might just be in my nutty imagination. Hmm…

Our first hurdle was to get rid of all the other munchkins that felt a need to be part of the photo shoot.

After we ordered them away (not that it worked…they kept showing back up), the photo shoot began. Lookie, lookie ~ she even smiled at me! And I’m 16.7% positive that it was not a gas smile. Yes, it was a real smile just for her Aunt Angie that she loves sooooo much.
She was adorable, of course…

I even slipped her mama into a few of the shots…

And then I got to feel the warm fuzzy-wuzzy, gooey-lovey, mooshy-wooshy baby feelings deep down in my heart again…Sweatiepy? Are you there? You ready for #5 yet?

Hey, have you all ever noticed that Sweatiepy never comments on any posts that have a baby in them? Why could that be? Coward.

P.S. Then we went inside and Baby Jordyn started crying, and crying, and crying and warm fuzzy feelings began to fade…The End.