Weslea's First Father/Daughter Dance

The long-awaited event finally arrived tonight! The Father/Daughter Dance was supposed to be two weeks ago but ended up getting postponed twice due to bad weather. Weslea has been giddy with excitement about this dance for well over a month so it was quite a relief to see the evening finally come about. She looked absolutely beautiful and so grown up ~ it was a lot of fun helping her get ready.

Here is a brief overview of our evening:

Turning Weslea’s poker-straight hair into a curly wonder:

Posing for pictures:

Absolutely ecstatic over the rose Daddy bought for her:

Giving Daddy a “thank you” kiss:

Even MORE ecstatic after opening the beautiful jewelry Daddy gave her to wear with her dress ~ I thought she was going to start crying she was so surprised!

Getting ready to head out the door (Daddy had just about had it with the picture taking by this time):

Believe it or not, Bill absolutely refused to take the camera with him to the dance…much to my utter dismay! I know the school was going to have a formal picture taken of each Father/Daughter that night so I can’t wait to see it when they send it home. Weslea informed me that she had a wonderful time and they even got to dance to High School Musical songs!!! Oh the joy. 🙂