Will's "Bald Eagle" Project

Even though I hate snow days, this one came in kind of handy by giving Will a lot of extra much-needed time to finish up his science project on Bald Eagles. He has known about the project for several weeks, but just decided to tell us last night that he needed a 3-D display to go with his written project and it had to be to school by Wednesday….urgh.

Here is what we came up with ~ he was really happy with it:
Eagles mate for life so we showed the mama eagle in the tree watching her eggs and the daddy eagle is over the nearby pond catching dinner (there is a fish in his talons.)

This was the find of the century for us. Bill went out to the woods on Monday evening to find some sticks for us to use as “trees” and just randomly picked up some branches and brought them into the house. By some small miracle, one of the branches had an actual nest in it that was the perfect size for our mama eagle and her eggs. I think Will’s teacher is going to be very impressed with that nest ~ I know I was!

I jokingly told Bill that it’s a good thing I have so much stamping and scrapbooking stuff in my s”crap” room. He laughed and said “yeah…now Will can tell his teacher that his mom only spent $17,000 on his science project.” 🙂