Live Nativity ~ NJ

After spending Friday afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s, we then headed to New Providence to see Danielle and Jeff’s church for the first time and to spend the evening at their Live Nativity event. It was a very chilly evening, so we were only able to stay a short while before the kids started letting us know that they were COLD! Weston is especially talented at letting us know exactly how he is feeling at all times…

We also attended the contemporary worship service on Sunday morning at their church, The Presbyterian Church at New Providence. It was a fantastic service and I’m so glad that we were visiting over a weekend this time so that we were able to attend their church with them. I know that PCNP has become a really special place for them as a couple so it was nice to see the church that they have connected with. The music was so uplifting, the pastor was a wonderful speaker, and they had a nice program for the younger kids to attend during the service.

So, here are some pics I took during the Live Nativity:

Visiting with the animals ~

Making a free Christmas craft ~

Enjoying the free hot cocoa, coffee and cookies ~

Posing for another picture (and not too happy that mom was making them do it!) ~