Renaissance Faire

Dad let us know about the Renaissance Faire that the Masonic Home in Medina was sponsoring. We ended up meeting Mom, Dad, and Janine and her kids up there to check out the activities. What a fun time we had!
One of the first things we did was watch a play about a brand-new baby dragon and his keeper. The kids thought the play was hysterical, mainly because the baby dragon was a little bit naughty and liked to use some minor potty words like “hiney” and “doo-doo.” That’s all it takes to make the kids laugh like a bunch of fools. 🙂

The dragon’s keeper picked Weslea out of the audience to interact with the dragon at one point. She thought this was great fun!

One of our new family favorites ~ ginormous turkey legs

The jousting was one of the event’s that Will enjoyed the most. Our side of the crowd had to cheer for the bad guy…Knight Roland.

All the kids had a chance to meet King Henry and Queen Anne and they were knighted!

Another favorite event for the kids was archery. Will did very well and almost made a bulls-eye on the target. Bill had tons of “fun” trying to help all the other little guys when it was their turn with the bow:

All in all it was a fun day together as a family!