Cruisin' Cleveland

On Saturday, we spent most of the day on the couple’s activity that Janine planned for our church. We had almost 30 people attend and really had a nice time together. First we went up to Lake Erie to board the “Good Time III” and take a cruise of the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie and then we headed back to a park in Chatham to enjoy a picnic type dinner together.

The first part of the trip was spent with all of us crowded into two vans (the church van and Janine’s van) ~ we got to hear many, many, really mature jokes from the guys during this time….”are we almost there yet?”, “I have to go to the bathroom”, “who wants to play I Spy??”, “HAND CHECK!!”, etc. They all thought that they were extremely funny, of course! 🙂 Totally felt like I was back in high school riding the church bus to the roller skating rink.

Once we got to Cleveland, we took the two-hour boat ride. When we first started out, it was quite foggy…
But, it started to clear up fairly quickly as we headed up the river. Nathan would of been quite jealous ~ we had to wait for one bridge to raise up because a train was heading towards it! He would of been very excited to see that.

We had to pose for a couple of “lovey-dovey” pictures:

And then we headed out into Lake Erie. This lighthouse looked so neat out in the water:

During this part of the trip we also got to see a fat guy on one of the smaller boats moon us! Too bad I missed taking a picture of that.
The city still looked a little foggy from the boat, but it really turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day ~ we were all very happy that the weather stayed nice because when we first started out we thought it might even begin to rain during our cruise.

Bill is in full training for his upcoming triathlon and has been taking a lot of naps lately and going to bed rather early at night. He even decided to take one on the boat!



Bea Kennedy from our church very kindly printed this picture off and put in up at church this morning so everyone would have the pleasure of seeing it!
We had a really nice time together chatting with other couples from church and spending some good fellowship together. Andrea, Mark and Jon kindly babysat all NINE children for us so we could go…but it sounds like they actually had a lot of fun swimming together at the waterpark. A great day all around!