Christmas Photo Shoot

Tonight we decided to do our Christmas Photo Shoot to (hopefully!) get a picture that would work for our Christmas cards. Since I haven’t sent cards out for three years now, I figured that I better do it this year no matter what. Well, December was almost over and I still didn’t have them done………better late than never??

What a fiasco! I think doing pictures at home is just about as stressful as going to the photographers. Hopefully the one I chose is good enough, but with four kids it’s almost impossible to get all of them smiling nice at the same time — that would be too much to ask, you know?! Either one kid’s eyes are closed, one kid is looking at the floor, one kid has a “cheese!” face (that’s what I call the look a child gets when they are yelling “CHEESE!”), one kid’s letter isn’t showing, one kid looks like he’s on drugs, the list goes on and on and on…..

Here are some of the pictures I didn’t choose because of the above reasons:

Only 11 more days and Santa will be here!!!